This week I received a video from a close friend showing a child being concussed by a violent hit on the football field. The video represents everything that we are trying to get parents to understand about concussive and sub-concussive trauma and to prevent their children from brain injuries and psychological disorders. Not only because of violent hits, but the trauma associated with multiple non-concussive hits over a long period. This video shows a boy, obviously very young, engaging in contact tackling. Training from contract sports at this age exposes young men, and women, to cerebral trauma that is just unnecessary and over time will cause issues. While the foundation highly encourages playing sports, playing contact sports before the age of 14 or in high school exposes children to minor and major brain injuries just when the brain is developing. If there is injury to the brain, this risks improper healing and further development issues, leading to disfunction. We encourage parents to send the foundation videos showing improper exposure to training so we can continue to pass on this message. This trauma is completely unnecessary and by being informed, we protect our children as they grow.

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