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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To serve as a source of information, resources, and communications to the community of parents, coaches/Athletic trainers, medical staff, and athletes that are affected by sports-related concussions and to raise awareness of the long-term implications of concussive and sub-concussive trauma to our children to include physical pain and emotional/mental health issues such as depression, personality disorders, and other mental health issues. We will support this mission through collaboration with other sports, medical, educational, and military organizations, advertising, fundraising, and communications.





The Life of Mac Parkman

Mac Parkman was a vibrant human being who embodied the best attributes that humanity and God find endearing in this world. Warm, funny, witty, kind, compassionate, calm, loyal, caring are just a few of the characteristics that can describe this wonderful young man. He brought so much warmth and sunshine to everyone he touched, yet was as tough a competitor as one could be…a true peaceful warrior until he left this earth.







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Our Partners

The Mac Parkman Foundation is honored to partner with some of the leading organizations in the areas of concussion and brain awareness to bring more information and data to concerned parents, coaches, athletes, and medical professionals. 






Meet our Executive Board

The Mac Parkman Foundation for Adolescent Concussive Trauma has a Board of family members entrusted to start the Foundation and preserve the legacy of Mac Parkman. Over time, the Board intends to bring in more seasoned experts in the field and expand to a Board of Advisors.









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