Broken Brains

Why I wrote this book.

– Bruce Parkman

Think of the millions of American children, teenagers, and adults who have been exposed to years, sometimes decades, of contact sports with little understanding of the physiological damage those years of contact and trauma can do to a brain.

Continuous and unrelenting physical damage causes irreparable harm to the brain resulting in mental illness due to an abnormally functioning brain. Eventually, the mental illness will manifest itself in mannerisms, actions, and decisions caused by the psychological distress and physical ailments that come with brain damage. Over time, their mental illness progresses until some athletes become depressed, schizophrenic, suffer anxiety, act impulsivity, and some, like Mac, commit suicide.

As parents, you know the risks your kids face every day – drugs, the internet, video games, strangers – and you work diligently and with love to protect them. Why? We do so because we are aware of those risks. Well, I didn’t know about the risks of concussive and subconcussive trauma that we discuss in this book. I couldn’t protect my son….and I lost him. 

That is why I wrote this book, to try to heal through the sharing of knowledge that I have gained over the last year or so. That there is a demonstrable link between concussive sports, developing brains and mental illness. I want you to know what I now know… You don’t want to be in my club. 

Especially when it is avoidable.